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2019; a year of Opportunity & Leadership

As a brand consultant working with global brands on product development, sourcing, merchandising, wholesale sales and more, I am currently working with $50M+ companies within Columbus, Ohio as well as Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami. Some of our partnerships are with celebrity influencers and others are with traditional RTW businesses. It brings me great pleasure and humility to continue our great work helping these incredible businesses grow and scale to immense levels.

2019, a year of opportunity and leadership. This title rings true in many ways as I embark on a new and exciting journey as the Columbus Fashion Council President. This role is one of great responsibility. Bringing together all of the fashion community through programs and awards, CFC is the governing body of Fashion Week Columbus. As once a board member, I am honored to be voted on by my peers in the role as president of the Council. I will continue to help small businesses and I will take the experience I have had in growing my own label and now helping many other succeed in the growing industry.

I welcome you all to learn more about in the coming weeks at and

Happy New Year to you all!

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