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A Kick-Butt Bleacher Workout

Bleachers are one of the perfect workouts for getting cardio in while also building strength in your legs. They are one of the best summer workouts because progress can be felt each week they are done. They are also great for building a solid foundation to training for other activities or sports you may be involved in.

Depending on how you feel, do 2-4 sets of this routine. You can build your way up to 4 sets as you do this consistently.

Remember to use your arms and breathe!

1. Hit every step all the way up, jog down 2. Skip a step all the way up, jog down 3. Skip 2 steps all the way up, jog down

• You really have to use your strength and explode up to skip 2. Don't worry if you don't get it on the first go around, just keep trying! 4. 10x bleacher pushups

• Remember to keep your elbows in

5. 10x bleacher dips • go deep enough so that you get a 90-degree angle with your arms Take a 2 to 5-minute break and repeat!

Whenever you're working out outside remember to always stay hydrated. The body is made up of water so you literally need it to function and perform! Keep doing this workout at least once a week and you will definitely see results!

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