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The Power in Berries

Berries are some of the cutest and most delicious fruits we have on this Earth, but they also have tons of nutritional value as well! Local farmer’s markets or Whole Foods tend to have brighter and juicer berries than regular grocery stores. Getting them in season also helps with how well they taste.

All berries are a great source of fiber which is great for digestion. Whether looking to cleanse the body or aiding in indigestion, berries are the perfect snack. They also help with brain function and can keep you mentally sharp over the years. When studying for a test or preparing for any major mental task, berries are the go-to. And, berries can help boost heart health while also lowering blood pressure. Not to mention, packed with lots of antioxidants!

Now the fun part. Here is a super delicious smoothie recipe one can make at home that has all the berry power one can get!

Ingredients: • Strawberries ½ cup • Raspberries ½ cup • Blueberries ½ cup • Blackberries ½ cup • Honey • Mint Leaves • Vanilla Extract • Cranberry Juice or Vanilla Almond Milk 1 cup • Optional: Vanilla Protein Powder

Step 1 Start by adding all of the berries into a blender

Step 2 Next, add either cranberry juice or vanilla almond milk. This depends on whether one wants a stronger vanilla taste with more thickness or a fruitier smoothie.

Step 3 Add ice cubes. This helps with thickening the smoothie.

Step 4 Boost the smoothie flavor by adding some honey for sweetness, the fresh mint, and a little vanilla extract. Adding vanilla protein powder is also a great option to get some extra protein and add even more vanilla flavor.

Step 5 Blend until smooth and poor into a jar. Decorate with extra berries and a mint leaf and that’s it! Enjoy!

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